Total Sphere is a consulting service for higher education institutions which is aimed at enhancing student recruitment and retention. It is based on the concept that campus culture, academic programs, enrollment management, development and physical spaces are indisputably symbiotic and that the recruiting team, physical plant managers, development officers and academic deans must work cooperatively in order for the institution to advance in the competitive college market.

TotalSphere begins with a campus scan. During this phase we:

  • Conduct an in-depth interview with the institution’s president
  • Interview key administrators in all of the cabinet positions that surround the president
  • Walk the campus with senior administrators, looking at buildings and landscape
  • Study competitive facilities
  • Analyze tuition discounting, net tuition revenue and past enrollment performance
  • Investigate why the freshman class is smaller than projected
  • Review alumni giving and fundraising potential
  • Study current academic programs and trends and identify new programs that may be considered
  • Deliver a graphic and written plan for improvement

Following the Scan, we work to develop a solid action plan to guide implementation of selected ideas and solve immediate needs. We create high level strategic goals and a process to achieve them. We deliver an effective tool that leads the institution to new approaches and capabilities, allowing it to move from the present to a position of distinction. To learn more about the TotalSphere, contact Celli-Flynn Brennan today.