Oakland Catholic High School | Physical Education and Performing Arts Addition and Renovation

Pittsburgh, PA

The renovation of and addition to Oakland Catholic High School addresses facilities issues associated with a modern high school program set in an urban environment. The original school was built as a double loaded corridor structure with an undersized gymnasium and an oversized cafeteria. The Phase I addition/renovation included a NCAA regulation size gymnasium with seating for 750, a state-of-the-art fitness center, new locker rooms and ancillary spaces that are ample enough to support a state championship basketball team and its fans. The existing cafeteria has been completely revived with a new kitchen and a dining hall that is a true compliment to the enriching environment of the school.

Academic needs such as new science facilities, new computerized teaching facilities, an information commons and music and a cyber café were met when phase II was completed in 2008. Spiritual needs are met with the addition of a new chapel that is the focus of the finished complex.

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