• Questions about PlanCon process?
  • Wondering how to maximize your reimbursement?
  • Concerned about the need for school closings or consolidation?
  • Facilities suffering from deferred maintenance?
  • No students in the library?
  • Need a technology boost?
  • Food service needs some spice?
  • Want to be on the cutting edge of teaching & learning?
  • Curious how you measure up to other districts?
  • Want a sustainable school?

In order to help you determine your needs, develop alternative solutions, assess options, build consensus and make decisions on the next step, Celli-Flynn Brennan’s approach begins with a series of visioning workshop. Depending on the type and scope of your project, the workshop process varies greatly. The sessions are tailored to you and your team. Below is a general list of what occurs:

  • Conduct a national trends discussion.
  • Interview the School Board, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, students and community members.
  • Develop and discuss a comprehensive list of space needs, departmental needs, and addition and/or renovation requirements.
  • Create a visual narrative that will explore possibilities and alternatives for development.
  • Develop design criteria for the site and detailed space requirements.
  • Refined facility layouts.
  • Present, discuss and evaluate conceptual solutions.
  • Present Plan Con reimbursement calculations.

Throughout the workshop series, our conversation is guided by the most important matter at hand: educating our students. Our challenge as architects is to design flexible, adaptive, technologically advanced and visually stimulating spaces that will promote teaching and learning.

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