Somerset County Courthouse | Restoration

Somerset, PA

The Somerset County Courthouse, built in 1906, needed a renovation to meet modern fire safety and handicapped accessibility codes and to add a third courtroom.

As the county had recently constructed a new building to house many offices, a new interior configuration was developed that replaced the former Recorder of Deeds office, the former commissioners offices, and other spaces, with a third courtroom. Insertion of the new courtroom in the building had to be carefully designed to meet technology requirements, and to maintain and respect the building’s landmark status.

Major systems in the building were completely redesigned including HVAC, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing. Interior surfaces were restored, including the Italian marble, rotunda and monumental stair, while historic light fixtures were refurbished with new wiring and finishes. All courtrooms were restored and now incorporate modern technology for the presentation of evidence. The existing rooms required restoration of finishes and introduction of new code compliant architecture and systems.

The renovated Courthouse Building contains the following offices: Clerk of Courts; Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphan’s Court; Prothonotary; Hearing Master; District Attorney; Law Library; Somerset County Courts; Court Administrator and Sheriff’s Office.

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