Augustana College | Old Main Historic Restoration Study

´╗┐Rock Island, IL

Old Main of Augustana College is an impressive stone building situated on the sloped overlooking the Mississippi River. It dominates the 100-acre campus and is a familiar landmark visible far up and down the valley. The building is constructed of dolomite from quarries at Le Claire, Iowa. The main entrance features broad stone stairways leading up to a portico flanked by two 18-foot pillars of polished red granite. Crowning Old Main is a great dome painted grey-green.

Initially Old Main was a multi-purpose building for the college and an affiliated Theological Seminary and Academy. It is now used exclusively for college classrooms and staff offices.

Celli-Flynn Brennan has completed a comprehensive study of the condition of Old Main. We are now restoring all of the exterior stone and will restore the dome structure and cladding to address structural and integrity issues. The restoration is important to Augustana as this stately and spacious historic edifice serves as a symbol of the College and community.

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