The goal of most historic restoration and renovation projects is to create a design that is consistent with the original architecture; addresses the needs of a flexible, contemporary environment; and is crafted to serve the owner for many years to come.

Knowledge of historic materials, details, construction techniques, and the history of how the building came to be is critical for this type of project. Therefore, at the outset, Celli-Flynn Brennan conducts extensive research on the architecture and aesthetics of the original building so that the design of light fixtures, woodwork, doors, windows, trim, finishes and other details may be renovated with materials and construction to echo the original building design. We also have in-depth knowledge of current ADA, fire, and life safety codes and through experience we have learned how to integrate modern code solutions, along with current HVAC systems, into the original building design. Check out how we did this at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Many times a historic building is required to accommodate new functions and – in the academic environment especially – the building must be equipped with technology, furniture and equipment appropriate for today. A modern academic environment can certainly occur within a traditional architectural framework and in all of our projects we strive to develop exciting interiors that communicate tradition and a sense of permanence.