Westminster College | Andrew J. McKelvey Campus Center

New Wilmington, PA

The 76,000 SF new campus center at Westminster College brings together a number of campus planning initiatives by giving the College a fresh look, reorganizing pedestrian circulation and creating a “living room” for campus.

In addition to expanding the adjacent Walton Mayne Union and renovating Freeman Hall, the Campus Center wraps the two 1950s buildings in a new, up-to-date architecture that still relates to the nearby 1892 Thompson Clark Hall. A curving new facade along the northern side completed the quadrangle. The Center also improved circulation by providing an enclosed path for the students coming from the library or Old Main, on their way to the academic, science or music facilities to the west.

“Meet and greet” opportunities abound in a center that is focused on an atrium and a curvilinear mall that differs from the many hard edged buildings that make up the campus. A snack bar, ballroom, bookstore, mailroom, nightclub, meeting spaces, a movie theatre and the Center for Excellence in Teaching are all included and easily accessed from the central space. These “people places” are designed to provide interaction incorporated in a technology-rich environment that doubles as a teaching tool. A movie theatre, touch screen information kiosks and cyber snack bar booths enrich the visual experience of the spaces. Four students gathered in a booth can use laptops to work on a statistics problem while eating. The social and learning environments are thereby merged.

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