The Sage Colleges | Buchman Pavilion Campus Center

Troy, NY

The Buchman Pavilion is a unique project as its design and scale needed to match the downtown historic district of Troy, New York.

The Pavilion connects Sage Hall (1893), Gurley Hall (1891), Plum Hall (1864), Bush Memorial Hall (1838) and the Education Building addition to Bush (1954). The Bush building was built as a Presbyterian Church in 1838 in the Greek Revival Style and later became a part of the college. Our challenge, as architects, was to connect all of these buildings together in their backyards, with a new meet and greet space that would provide ADA access to their hard edged and historic architecture, while “fitting in” with the multiple architectures of the surroundings. Thus, the Buchman Pavilion is located behind and between these existing buildings so that their front facades, which are facing the streets and historic Sage Park remain as originally designed.

The Buchman Pavilion has become a meet and greet space for the Russell Sage College Campus. It incorporates a coffee shop and snack bar to continue the theme of providing exciting, yet differently scaled, activity venues for the wider campus community, open from early to late.

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