Alderson-Broaddus College | Campus Center

Philippi, WV

The Hamer Center and Heiner Hall at Alderson-Broaddus has been transformed into the Alderson-Broaddus Campus Center. Relocating critical student services to the Campus Center helps to create a hub of interaction for the students, faculty, and community. A new elevator and primary stair on axis with the main entrance allow occupants to access the lower level easily. The stair is surrounded by glass to allow transparency into the main dining space beyond. The walls in the dining commons beneath the existing butterfly roof have been renovated with glass to the underside of the roof to flood the dining commons and adjacent spaces with natural light. This light helps to illuminate the large open space at the base of the open stairway where a variety of student activities are planned.

A welcome center greets you at the entrance from the quad. The bookstore, mail center, campus life offices, student organization meeting rooms and a health and fitness facility are all new additions to the building that will help to enliven the formerly inert lower level. This is the first time that campus life offices have had a home in the building where their major program activities occur. A learning commons is now located on the first floor near the coffee and sandwich cafe to consolidate the late night spaces in one area.

The former Crim Dining Room is now positioned adjacent to the main dining hall, supporting flexible uses for both spaces. Accessibility is enhanced throughout the facility where steps previously separated levels. Significant structural deficiencies in the long-span roof structure of the dining hall have been remedied while energy efficient lighting and climate control help to enhance the facilities use for years into the future.

The new transparency and expanded functionality within encourage student – faculty interaction on a daily basis. The Campus Center’s improved appearance and heightened level of activity provides a valuable recruitment tool for the College and has become its first significantly renovated facility of the 21st century.

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