Nebraska Wesleyan University | 21st Century Science Initiative

The 21st Century Science Initiative is Nebraska Wesleyan University’s title for a phased capital project aimed at creating and improving learning spaces supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Celli-Flynn Brennan has engaged with the university community to assess and quantify needs, goals and requirements to further implement the planning recommendations of the university’s Master Plan. This effort included determining the best location for the proposed new science building and recommendations and visioning for best utilization of the university‚Äôs existing science facility.

Celli-Flynn Brennan’s solution for the new facility accomplishes a primary university goal: to move science education Boldly Forward. By proposing that the new building rest partially in an existing public right-of-way we challenged many preconceived ideas about the project and the necessary expansion of the campus outside its traditional boundaries while also announcing, advancing and promoting the university’s commitment to the importance of STEM education at their institution for the next century. The university’s fund raising brochure extolls the “wow factor” of the new building.

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