Carlow University | A.J. Palumbo Hall for Science & Technology

Pittsburgh, PA

The A.J. Paulmbo Hall for Science and Technology project represented an opportunity to design a signature building on a major urban site. The building, located across Fifth Avenue from the main campus enabled Carlow to establish a strong footprint along this major thoroughfare. Designed in accordance with the forward-thinking standards set forth by Project Kaleidoscope, the science laboratories are organized around a 3-story central atrium that became the focus for the architecture while putting “science on display”. Offices and laboratories are easily viewable through large atrium windows at each level along walking balconies surrounding the space.

The “student zone” is directly at the center of the plan among faculty offices, so that students can bump into faculty and meet in informal ways. Office block exteriors are anchored by powerful corner towers synergistically relating to other Carlow buildings. The building includes the computer science and math departments, specialized student/facility research spaces, a cadaver lab and distinct organic and inorganic chemical storage areas. A complete energy recovery system was included to help with the high utility costs associated with the air changes required in a science building.

Many urban planning issues, zoning and traffic issues needed to be overcome during this project. Community activists in Oakland, who represent the citizens in opposition to growth by the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Carlow University, were a part of the approval process and participated in public hearings.

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