Valley Forge Military Academy & College | Master Plan

Wayne, PA

Valley Forge Military Academy and College is an institution with a reputation for excellence. Since its inception in 1928, the campus has grown to more than 100 acres in an exclusive suburb of Philadelphia. Barns and barracks, riding rings, academic buildings and parade grounds make the campus unique. The Academy operates a 7th thru 12th grade preparatory school in the military environment while the two-year college sends many of its graduates on to four year institutions prior to taking up military service.

The master plan project focused on finding appropriate use for an 18 acre parcel across Eagle Road from the main campus and how to address many deferred maintenance needs. Parts of the campus are on a wooded, steeply sloping site where storm drainage has not been well designed; therefore, storm water management was also a part of the master plan.

CFB recommended the development of a ring road around the campus to improve access and circulation, the demolition of certain buildings that are beyond useful life the construction of the New Military College of Pennsylvania across Eagle Road which would allow the college to stand on its own as a separate entity while still sharing the parade ground, mess hall and athletic facilities with the preparatory academy. A new identifiable entrance to the institution, redevelopment of Mellon Hall as the headquarters for the Academy and renovations to other buildings were also recommended as part of the master plan.

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