The Sage Colleges | Master Plan

Troy, NY

CFB completed a master plan for the Troy Campus of The Sage Colleges in association with a Boston, MA architectural and planning firm. The Sage Colleges grew from the former Emma Willard Seminary Buildings in Victorian Troy, New York. The entire downtown area, in which the college is situated, is an historic district. The college owns 55 buildings including a Greek Revival Church from 1838, numerous 1860’s to 1890’s townhouses and the Emma Willard Buildings, which were built between 1895 and 1897, as well as current buildings that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The challenges facing the Troy campus are numerous and specific to an urban environment – personal security, historical preservation and deferred maintenance, functional use of a number of buildings that were not built for college purposes and the need to establish a real “center” to the campus. The master plan recognized each issue and recommended the restoration of the former Seminary Park and the fronts of Bush, Sage and Gurley Halls. Construction of a pergola and quadrangle behind these buildings was recommended to provide historic continuity while establishing ADA access to the rear of the buildings, leaving the historic fronts untouched. Establishment of a quadrangle at the center of the campus was also recommended.

Other recommendations included the relocation of student center functions, the construction of an electronic teaching facility, reconstruction of the auditorium building from the 1960’s to become a home for the New York State Theatre Institute (NYSTI) and renovation of parking and recreational fields. Following the Master Plan, CFB completed a new campus center for the College, the Buchman Pavilion.

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