Robert Morris University | Master Plan

Moon Township, PA

Robert Morris University was established as a suburban business college in the early 60’s on a 230-acre estate. Early buildings were scattered around the site with little attention to topography, pedestrian or vehicular circulation. The results were campus roads with grades that exceeded 22% in some locations and vertical climbs between academic buildings of 50 to 55 feet, making walls between academic buildings difficult and automobile circulation ill-defined and dangerous. The goal of the master plan was to reorganize the circulation on the campus to, in fact, establish a campus. Because the buildings were scattered over a great distance and because the topography prohibited views of one building from another, the college was disjointed and lacked a sense of place as an academic institution.

The master plan goal was to establish a level line of circulation from Sewell Center, past the Library, to the physical education building and on to the Massey Performing Arts Building.

CFB recommended a regrading of a major ridge line through the center of campus and the relocation of 500,000 yards of earth. By entering in to this large grading project, the college would be able to establish a central quadrangle between the library and the administration building, focused on a new student center. This quadrangle could then become the heart of the academic campus. The need for coordinated parking and easy access to academic facilities required the development of a ring road with reasonable grades and distribution of utilities around the perimeter of the site.

Following completion of the Master Plan, CFB designed a new Student Center for Robert Morris, a Cyber Café and a new Business School.

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