Community College of Allegheny County

Allegheny Campus | Boyce Campus | North Campus | South Campus | West Hills Center | Homewood-Brushton Center

The Plan for CCAC includes all 4 major campuses and 2 centers with about 21,000 traditional students plus many online students. It is an institution on the cutting edge of growth – up about 7% this year – and teaching many courses over the Internet. Many years ago CFB developed the Master Plan for the Boyce Campus and won an award from the US Department of Education for the innovation in that plan and for its response to the difficult 123 acre site.

The space planners are developing space needs for each campus and each program and CCAC will have some major decisions to confront. For instance, which program will occupy which campus? Will some become “specialized” campuses for certain courses of study? If so how will transportation for day students be organized? And so on. This comprehensive plan will address all of the issues associated with CCAC’s growth in 6 different locations.

Each campus has different architecture and different ages of buildings. Some were built for college purposes and some were purchased – North Campus is an old department store and mall converted to college purposes. The workshops and creative solutions generated lively discussions and we expect some surprises will be developed to help CCAC continue to compete in a very price competitive manner.