Allegheny College | Master Plan

Meadville, PA

CFB completed a campus master plan for Allegheny College. A review of the College’s historic buildings and certain activity spaces was necessary in order to make recommendations concerning better utilization of the College’s facilities in support of its programs. The College needed recommendations of the use of historic buildings, recommendations on deferred maintenance needs, appropriate departmental occupancies and the development of a future plan. The campus center, the 1905 Cochran Hall, the 1815 Bentley Hall (the original college building), the Odd Fellows Building and others were studied carefully for future use. Additional goals included improved pedestrian circulation, extension of the pedestrian brick walkway system, improved and expanded parking, and inclusion of the Odd Fellows building in the college space inventory.

The master plan proposed a campus-long renovation of Main Street to present a new image of Allegheny College to the state highway. Lighting, street paving, crosswalks, college identification and other components were seen as an integral part of the improvement plan for North Main Street. CFB also completed the historic renovation to Cochran Hall and the Campus Center addition and renovation.

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