University of Pittsburgh | Hillman Library

Pittsburgh, PA

In 1997, Celli-Flynn Brennan received the “Timeless Award” from the Pennsylvania Society of Architects for the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh. CFB functioned as “Coordinating Architects” in the development of this building, which opened in 1967. The award was received for a building that had stood the “test of time” particularly well – still performing its original function with what is considered a fresh architecture thirty years after completion.

In 2006, CFB completed the design for a $24 million, renovation to the building and plaza. When the building renovation is complete, this major research library will have 1300 seats, new elevators, new stacks, group study areas, and new mechanicals and lighting. The University postponed the project upon completion of the Construction Documents, but bid and replaced the built-up roof.

Subsequent to the completion of the overall renovation documentation, the University authorized the existing terrazzo plaza and plaza waterproofing to be replaced as a separate project which was designed by CFB. This 18,000 square foot, $2.2 million plaza project required removal of the deteriorated terrazzo, mud slabs, insulation and coat to waterproofing and the installation of new SBS waterproofing, drainage layer, insulation, pedestal system and precast pavers. The exiting planters were waterproofed and a new irrigation system installed along with new landscaping and landscape lighting.

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