United States Postal Service | General Mail Facility & Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Harrisburg, PA

CFB was the design architect for the $60-million General Mail Facility/Vehicle Maintenance Facility for the United States Postal Service in Harrisburg. It includes the most sophisticated computerized equipment that was available to the United States Postal Service at the time, and serves as a bulk mail facility as well as a general mail facility.

Automated sack sorters, letter sorters, and optical bar code readers are included in the project to receive and sort 120 trailer trucks per day with no piece of mail being in the building more than six hours. Today, sophisticated mail environments are required to handle increasingly complicated mail delivery systems and this project is expected to return in excess of $50-million profit per year to help fund operations at other Postal Facilities throughout the country. This is the ninth busiest Post Office in all of North America. A large VMF was part of the project and included 5 jeep maintenance bays, 2 truck maintenance bays, parts storage, truck and jeep washers and similar equipment.

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