Pittsburgh Renaissance Hotel | Renovation & Historic Restoration

Pittsburgh, PA

CFB acted as the developers on-site representative for this tax act conversion of a vintage 1906 13-story, 240,000 SF building into a 301-key Marriott Renaissance Hotel. The project included extensive exterior copper restoration and environmental remediation along with creation of hotel rooms, a complete restoration of the stunning marble lobby, and six conference rooms (each named for a famous native Pittsburgher). A unique challenge was the development on a condominium agreement with the Cultural Trust for the entrance to the Byham Theater through the first and mezzanine levels.

This facility provides visitors to Pittsburgh with a serene destination while placing them in the heart of Pittsburgh’s fastest growing area. Immediately across the Allegheny River, which the hotel overlooks, are the sports arenas of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates. This $44 million project can also lay claim to being the largest copper restoration project in the United States since the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The beautiful copper dome and bay windows highlight the craftsmanship and detail of years gone by. The dome can be seen in the three-story lobby and its exterior copper encasements can be viewed from the buildings internal courtyard.

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