Mercy SmartHealth | Medical Offices & Wellness Center

CFBT Architects

Bethel Park, PA

Phase I of the $6.7 million Mercy SmartHealth complex consists of 60,000 SF of medical offices, health club facilities and speculative office space. The project is 2 and is a combination of masonry bearing and steel framed structure. More than 100,000 cubic yards of soil were relocated or removed to accommodate the building footprint and parking field, while providing area and parking for another 60-70,000 SF in phases II and III.

Mechanical systems were zoned and designed to provide flexibility on each floor with variable air/volume controls and the ability to cool southwestern exposures while heating the northern side of the building.

The stair tower along the west side was extended to the roof to facilitate maintenance and inspections of rooftop equipment; the soffit and fascia overhang were extended to minimize direct sunlight penetration during summer months, while allowing natural heating in the winter.

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