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Celli-Flynn Brennan making a difference!

Colleges are beginning to adopt the CFB idea for buying back student debt! This idea was introduced by Tom and Michelangelo Celli to several colleges in the fall of 2012 and Wilson College adopted the idea at their January 2013 Board... Read more

Tom Celli lays bricks at $87 Million Mt. Lebanon High School!

In tribute to the craftsmen who build the buildings that we design, Tom Celli, a former apprentice in the Bricklayer's Union, spent several days last week laying bricks on the Mt. Lebanon High School. The skill and precision of the... Read more

Thomas C. Celli: Architect & Stone Mason

At Celli-Flynn Brennan we don’t just design, we build too! Over Independence Day weekend, Thomas spent his time helping a client repair the stone terrace of a 1955... Read more

A Visual Trip to the Academy of Sciences

Last summer, Bill Brennan, AIA, LEED AP took a trip to San Francisco to visit the California Academy of Sciences and today our office got a virtual tour! During a lunchtime presentation, Bill showed the staff photographs from his journey.... Read more

The Story of My New Herman Miller Tops (by Carla Shettel)

So as not to diminish the seriousness of Shirley Sherrod's recent experience with the USDA I won't liken my reaction to my new prizes to that shameful "Rush to Judgment" but it was almost that harsh and that viral .... Read more

Creative Competition (by Thomas C. Celli, AIA)

As we look across the landscape of private liberal arts education in the United States, we understand that change comes slowly. Recently there have been a spate of writings about the need to develop more creativity in the graduates... Read more

Joining Together Catholics Can Compete (by Thomas C. Celli, AIA)

(As published in University Business Magazine) At every serious college discussion and every week, in many newspapers, the public is advised of the difficult situation facing private higher education and, most recently, the decision by Harvard and Swarthmore to match Princeton’s... Read more
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